Chaos is a ladder

ChatGPT adds rules for

Possible reasons for ChatGPT banning#

  • Massive abuse of accounts within the same network resulting in being affected

  • Access source network is not within OpenAI's supported region

  • Renewal using high-risk virtual payment accounts

Through experimentation, during the use of the chatgpt web version, JavaScript sends cross-origin requests to, which includes a key. is a third-party platform that provides log collection. If users use domain diversion or if the backend unlocking of the airport only filters, it will result in the leakage of the original ladder's IP.

Therefore, it is recommended to add to the relevant rules list.

Modifying rules for Clash For Windows#

Right-click on the subscription and select rule#


Enter in the input box, select DOMAIN-SUFFIX for the type, and choose REJECT for the proxy. Click Save.#


Open the webpage and observe in CFW's connections whether the domain is using the proxy of the modified rule. If it is, it means the modification was successful.#


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