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Deploy FullTclash Node Testing Tool on Debian 11


Official Repository

FullTclash bot is a Telegram bot that carries out testing tasks. It currently supports batch connectivity testing using Clash configuration files. The following testing items are supported:

  • Netflix Youtube DisneyPlus Bilibili steam currency OpenAI(ChatGPT) IP landing risk (IP fraudulence) Wikipedia

It also supports HTTP latency testing and link topology testing (node entry and exit analysis).

Environment Preparation#

apt update && apt upgrade
apt install -y git && git clone && cd FullTclash
apt install python3-pip screen fontconfig
cd FullTclash
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Install Fonts#

Go here to choose Nerd Fonts

Copy the font file to the system font directory: Copy your downloaded font file (usually a file ending in .ttf, .otf, or .woff) to the /usr/share/fonts/ directory.

sudo cp your_font.ttf /usr/share/fonts/
Replace your_font.ttf with the actual path and file name of your font file.

Update the font cache: Run the following command to update the system's font cache:

sudo fc-cache -f -v
This will rescan the font directory and update the font cache.

Verify font installation: You can use the fc-list command to list the fonts installed on the system. Run the following command in the terminal to view the font list:

If you can see your custom font in the list, then the installation was successful.

Bot Environment Preparation#

- Telegram's api_id and api_hash Obtain here (Some TG accounts have been blocked and cannot be used normally)

- Go to @BotFather to create a bot and obtain the bot_token, which should be in the following format:

bot_token = "123456"

- Go here @userinfobo to get the user id


screen ## Create a new terminal
cd FullTclash/./resources
cp config.yaml.example config.yaml
vim config.yaml
## The following are the modifications to be made

 api_id: 123456 # Change to your own api_id
 api_hash: 123456ABCDefg # Change to your own api_hash
 bot_token: 123456:ABCDefgh123455  # bot_token, obtained from @BotFather
 # If you are using it in mainland China, the program needs a proxy to connect to the Telegram server. Write the following information:
 proxy: # Replace with your own proxy address and port

## Execute
python3 -c 'import sys; sys.stdout.reconfigure(encoding="utf-8"); exec(open("").read())'




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