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Recommended Personal Use Airport

YToo (Main Airport)
Official Website Link

  1. It is also a top-tier airport, relatively stable, and the price is reasonable, with low-rate nodes.
  2. Supports SSR, SS, and Trojan protocols, and is compatible with Clash. It is not recommended for users to convert subscriptions themselves, as there is a risk of subscription leakage when using third-party subscription conversion.
  3. The annual payment is not the price for 12 months. The monthly package of 36 yuan is 372 yuan for annual payment, which is highly cost-effective when used with 0.2-rate nodes, with 1000G of monthly traffic.
  4. The price, nodes, and rates are similar to Huayun, but recently Huayun has been experiencing more severe crashes, and YToo's customer service is better than Huayun's.
  5. New Year's discount code 1.1: Ends on January 31st at 23:59, 10% off for the entire store, excluding Air/Custom packages.
  6. Full dedicated line airports, including #Shenzhen-Hong Kong dedicated line, #Shanghai-Japan dedicated line, #Beijing-Germany dedicated line.
  7. Node rates: Daily use 0.2, Standard 0.5, Advanced, Special, Shopping 1.0 Explanation: [0.2] actually uses 10GB, the airport system measures 2GB, other annotations can be compared accordingly.
  8. Trojan nodes support IPV6 access and can be used with a separate subscription. Currently, this service cannot guarantee online availability, so it is recommended to use standard nodes. After purchase, there is a Trojan with IPV6 annotation in the copy subscription link, which is slightly more secure than IPV4 if your local network supports IPV6.
  9. Locations: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, the United States, and other major regions are mainly Kirino. In addition, Japan has NTT, SONET, Oracle, Singapore has M247, LeaseWeb, South Korea has KT, Oracle, and the United States has Cogent, Zenlayer, SharkTech. Recently, many non-mainstream regions have been added, including Thailand, Vietnam, India, the Philippines, Dubai, Israel, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Turkey, and Australia.
  10. The airport has a speed limit of 1 Gbps, and the speed limit for low-rate nodes is slightly stricter, but there are also several hundred Mbps, which is enough for daily use. With a 0.2-rate, you can have 200G per month, which is equivalent to 1000G for trial use. There is no limit on the number of user devices, but sharing is strictly prohibited.



TAG (Main Airport)#

Official Website Link

  1. Probably the most comprehensive airport in terms of global nodes (approximately). Most of them require native (unlocked various streaming media) usage, which can be said to be a gospel for collectors of rare regional nodes. Currently, there are 90+ countries/regions and 170+ nodes.
  2. There are many airports with many nodes, but TAG has the most comprehensive and fast nodes.
  3. Originally Tencent's AIA dedicated line, later AIA was disconnected, Tencent no longer sells AIA, and it was changed to IEPL dedicated line. It has been upgraded once and has performed well.
  4. At the same time, while illuminating global nodes, TAG also ensures the quality of Japanese nodes. TAG's Japanese landing quality is very good, and many streaming media/broadband are unlocked.
  5. Please note that there are many TW/Japanese nodes in TAG. For example, in Japan, there are 1-rate nodes and 3-rate nodes, which are related to the quality of the nodes. Unlike other airports that reuse landing or land in the same data center, TAG's Japanese nodes have different landing situations and different unlocking/broadband conditions, so there are differences in rates.
  6. Currently, it is the Guangzhou-Hong Kong dedicated line + Shanghai-Japan dedicated line. The overall bandwidth access may not be as good as other first-tier airports, but TAG has a high landing cost and high-quality Japanese nodes. Especially for those who need broadband/rare country nodes, TAG is the most suitable airport.
  7. No refund service is available! Please choose monthly payment! If you choose quarterly payment, then quarterly payment!
  8. There are annual backup packages available for selection.



One Yuan Airport, Money-Losing Airport (Backup Download, etc.)#

One Yuan

Those who understand, understand. Monthly disposable airport, play casually, suitable for backup, low price


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