Chaos is a ladder

vps test script

1. VPS Health Check Script#

bash <(wget --no-check-certificate -O-
bash <(curl -L -s

2. Return Script#


3. Docker One-Click Script (Only Supports Debian)#

curl -fsSL | bash -s docker

4. Node NVM Script#

Install nvm (optional)
nvm can be used to manage Node.js.

Open the terminal and use the one-click script to install nvm easily:

bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
Restart the terminal to take effect.

Install the latest LTS version of Node.js:

nvm install --lts

5. GPT Unlock Test#

bash <(curl -Ls

6. Comprehensive Toolbox#

wget -O && chmod +x && clear && ./

7. Streaming Media Test#

bash <(curl -L -s

8. Oracle Modify Root Script#

echo root:11235879 |sudo chpasswd root
sudo sed -i 's/^#\?PermitRootLogin.*/PermitRootLogin yes/g' /etc/ssh/sshd_config;
sudo sed -i 's/^#\?PasswordAuthentication.*/PasswordAuthentication yes/g' /etc/ssh/sshd_config;
sudo service sshd restart

The default password is: 11235879
Remember to change the password after logging in! Command: passwd

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